It’s Megan’s birthday today!!

megan-bday-1024x569 Help us wish her an absolutely amazing birthday weekend.

Megan is one of the kindest people we know and everyone loves her. Our patients love her and we are so glad she’s a part of the Freeman Orthodontics team.


We asked Megan if she’d be willing to share some random facts about herself for this blog post… but she said no. Because of that, we are just going to make it all up ??

  • Megan’s real name is Martin.
  • Megan once made it a goal to eat at every In-N-Out Burger within 50 miles of her house… in one day.
  • Megan spent some time with a three-lettered government agency that we can’t tell you about.
  • Megan is fluent in Chinese.
  • Megan has a cat named Rupert and a dog named Captain Fuzzy Pickles
  • Megan is probably going to be mad that we made this list… we don’t care 😉

Again, we can’t confirm if any of this is true. But we also can’t confirm if any of it is false!!

Happy Birthday, Martin**

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