One of our favorite things is actually visiting local schools to give oral hygiene presentations. Is that weird?! Naaah. We’re just awesome like that!

We visit grades K-2 and teach them how to properly brush their teeth, floss and generally how to care for their mouth. Each child is sent home with a oral hygiene kit which has all the things they would need to do just that.

So far, we have been able to visit several local schools like Katherine Smith, Laurelwood, OB Whaley, Evergreen and Carolyn Clark elementaries. We want to thank the teachers at all of these schools who let us use their classrooms to share our presentations with the kiddos. We make a great team!

If you are a K-2nd grade teacher within our local area and would like us to present at your school, you can contact us at: 408-274-6111






That’s a wrap for this school year! See you all next year!

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