We are just as excited about the end of the year as you are.

It means a lot of great things — 2020 will finally be over (Don’t betray us 2021). It also means time is running out for people to use their FLEX savings benefits on orthodontic care. We get multiple calls every day this time of year asking us about FLEX/FSA/HSA benefits and how to use them in our office. We wanted to take just a minute and answer some of the most common questions we get when it comes to using your accounts. 

What is a FLEX/FSA/HSA account?

These kinds of accounts allow you to set aside tax-free funds to use specifically on medical treatments. These accounts have become quite common and most employers offer these accounts as part of their benefits packages or as an option.

“Use it Or Lose It” Policies

Many of these types of accounts have a “Use it Or Lose It” policy. That means that you have to use the funds before the end of the year or the tax savings on the funds are forfeited.

Be sure to contact your provider to find out what steps you need to take to ensure you’re covered. 

Can I use them for orthodontic care?

These funds can be used towards your active orthodontic account (meaning the patient is in treatment), or for replacement retainers – which insurance doesn’t always cover. 

How much do braces cost? 

The cost of braces varies! However, our consultations are always complimentary. Schedule an appointment with us to find out more about your treatment needs. 

When should I use my benefits?

We see a rush this time of year with people trying to empty their FSAs. Beat the rush and schedule an appointment today to use up the remaining flex dollars that you might have set aside. We are closed partially the week of Thanksgiving and last week of December so our schedule will fill up quickly.

Using your FLEX/FSA/HSA benefits is important! If you’re unsure about your coverage, contact your provider. As soon as you’re done with that, schedule an appointment with us, and let’s get started!

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