You’ve probably heard the term “buck teeth,” which conjures up images of Bugs Bunny or a cartoon beaver. In reality, “buck teeth” refers to an overbite, usually a deep bite, where the front teeth protrude forward and sometimes even show through the lips. Buck teeth can make patients self-conscious about their smile and cause them to hide that smile. But buck teeth can have more health consequences than you may realize. 

At Freeman Orthodontics, we want you to be proud of your smile. We have treatment options that can correct buck teeth and create the smile you’ve always wanted. Patients in the San Jose, CA area can visit us and see how we can transform their smiles and improve their oral and overall health. Hide your smile no longer; we can correct buck teeth! The difference we see in our patients with buck teeth before and after braces is often astounding. They emerge from their treatment with braces or clear aligners more confident and more willing to show off their beautiful new smile. 

What Causes Buck Teeth?

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Patients end up with buck teeth for a variety of reasons. Some can be controlled, while others cannot. Whatever the cause, buck teeth can be treated with braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of buck teeth. 

  • Genetics: Buck teeth can be an inherited family trait for some people. The family’s facial structures may be prone to overbites. There may also be genetic disorders that make a person prone to buck teeth. In this case, it’s not something you can control. 
  • Thumb Sucking: This is a common cause of buck teeth that can be controlled. It is highly recommended that a child stop sucking their thumb or pacifier before age 3. Those who don’t stop run the risk of altering their mouth structure. The roof of the mouth is raised, and the front teeth are pushed forward because of the pressure of the thumb in the mouth. 
  • Growth Spurts: A person may have a rapid growth spurt that causes the upper jaw to grow faster and protrude more than the lower jaw. This can lead to an overbite. 
  • Excessively Large Teeth: Some patients naturally have larger front teeth than normal. Even if the bite is fairly normal, the patient can still have the appearance of buck teeth because of the larger teeth. 
  • Tongue Thrusting: Some patients have the habit, usually unconsciously, of thrusting their tongue forward as they swallow. Over time, the repetitive motion can cause the teeth to be pushed forward. 
  • Teeth Grinding: Patients may have the habit of grinding their teeth, either consciously during the day or unconsciously during sleep. This can cause a host of oral issues, from overbites to cracked teeth. 

Reasons to Correct Buck Teeth with Braces?

Because it’s easier to fix overbites and other oral issues before the jaw hardens and sets in adulthood, many patients want to correct buck teeth as early as possible. Buck teeth can also cause several oral and overall health issues that can worsen over time. 

  • Problems chewing: A severe overbite can cause the misalignment of teeth, which can lead to problems chewing. It can be harder to chew food properly and into the small bites necessary for proper digestion. 
  • Digestive issues: Digestive problems can occur if the food is not properly chewed. The start of digestion is in the mouth when the saliva mixes with the food during chewing. If the food is not chewed properly, it can be harder for the stomach to digest. This can lead to problems such as indigestion. It can also reduce nutrient absorption, which can be detrimental to your overall health. 
  • Speech issues: Your speech is determined by the placement of your tongue against the roof of your mouth or your teeth. If they are not in the proper shape or in the proper location, it could cause speech impediments such as a lisp. 
  • Excessive tooth wear: Your teeth are designed to stay strong when they fit together properly. When they don’t, the misalignment can cause extreme pressure on different parts of your teeth. This can lead to rapid tooth wear, eventually leading to cracks or chips in your teeth. 
  • Breathing difficulties: Teeth that stick out can block or narrow airways. A raised palate can narrow the nasal passages, making it more difficult to breathe. Repairing your overbite can improve your breathing. 
  • Self-esteem issues: Many people see an overbite as less than ideal when it comes to appearance. Those who have an overbite — especially an excessive one — tend to have lower self-esteem because they feel their teeth are not attractive. This can hurt overall mental health. Repairing your smile can give you confidence again. 

Fixing Buck Teeth with Braces or Invisalign

We can repair your buck teeth with braces or, in many cases, clear aligners. Freeman Orthodontics offers several treatment options for our patients in the San Jose, CA, area. It’s best to treat your overbite as soon as possible. The older you get, the more pronounced your health issues will get. The bone in your jaw is more malleable when you’re younger, so your teeth are easier to move. As you reach adulthood, the bone hardens. While it takes more time to treat adults, you can still have your buck teeth fixed with braces or clear aligners. 

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Braces are the tried-and-true method for repairing overbites and deep bites. We offer Pitts21 self-ligating braces using metal or clear ceramic brackets. The Pitts21 system works faster and more efficiently than traditional braces, and the brackets have rounded edges that make them more comfortable. 

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We offer clear aligners from Invisalign and Spark for those who are uncomfortable with the look of braces. Clear aligners are custom-molded to your teeth to provide a personalized treatment that is often done in less time than braces. The clear aligners are also nearly invisible, so you can watch your smile transform! 

Clear aligners have come a long way and can treat many more dental issues than in their early days, but they aren’t always right for those with severe dental problems, including deep bites or deep bites combined with other dental problems. In those cases, braces may be best. 

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Treatment times will vary depending on the severity of your overbite and whether there are other dental issues to fix at the same time. Braces treatment can go 9-18 months, and Invisalign or Spark clear aligner treatment can last 6-15 months, outside of rare cases. Only the doctor can tell exactly how long your treatments will take.  

Getting the Smile of your Dreams

It’s easy to get started with treatment for buck teeth in the San Jose, CA, area. You can request an appointment and visit our office. We will provide a free, no-obligation evaluation and map out a treatment plan for you using braces or clear aligners. You’ll know upfront what type of treatment will be best for you, how long your treatment should take, and how much your treatment will cost. We want your treatment to be as affordable as possible, so we offer adjustable, low down payments, flexible monthly payments, and extended payment plans with zero interest. 

At Freeman Orthodontics, we want you to be proud of your smile. We never want you to cover your smile or be afraid to show it off. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that will work best for you, and we’ll be there through the entire process until we can celebrate with you when you see your smile for the first time without buck teeth! 

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