Happy 17th Anniversary, Dr & Mrs. Freeman!!


Being married 17 years definitely is hard, but also extremely satisfying work. Here’s Rachel’s  account of how the two lovebirds met!


“Dr. Freeman’s roommate and my roommate knew each other. They thought we’d be the perfect couple and that we definitely needed to meet.

Officially, we first met in my dorm room, but Dr. Matt recalls that he saw me once on campus at a restaurant. He remembers me wearing a green sorority sweatshirt and my hair was up in a ponytail (not a very attractive look!), as I was on my way to a pledging activity at my sorority house. Anyways, after meeting in my dorm room, we decided to meet again.

Our first “date” was walking to my sorority house from our dorm – we both lived in the same dorm on campus. Since then, we were pretty much inseparable.

We dated from the fall of 1993 until we got married on August 20th, 2000.

I’ll never forget that hot summer night in Austin, Texas where we got hitched!”



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