We're Hiring

We’re looking for awesome people that want to make our awesome office even more awesome-er!

Let’s Face it, most offices choose employees based on experience alone. While experience is important, we know that’s not even close to all that matters — and that’s what makes us different! Although the Freeman Orthodontic Team has over 104 years of combined orthodontic experience, we hand-pick our staff based on personality and love of people – not solely orthodontic experience.

If you’re looking for a work environment that is a fun, upbeat environment where you’ll have a blast with patients and coworkers alike all while serving people in a unique way, Freeman Orthodontics might be a great fit for you! Our ultimate goal is for your appointment to be the highlight of your day!

Clinical Assistant

Want to interact with patients? Our Clinical Assistant openings are Dr. Freeman's beautiful and handsome minions who work tirelessly to make patients happy and create beautiful smiles.

Front Office

Interested in making the an awesome office even more awesome? Our Front Office Openings help serve our patients by making sure everything runs smoothly. Scheduling, Financial, Marketing… all of it!

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