Mother's Day 2018

15 May: Mother’s Day

Here at Freeman Orthodontics, we appreciate moms.

Why? Well…first, mom’s are awesome, of course! Second, without mom’s literally, none of us exist (duh!)… no moms, no beautiful smiles, no Freeman Orthodontics! (Wow, that got dark FAST!!!)


27 Apr: Evergreen Little League Jamboree

Last weekend we sponsored the Evergreen Little League Jamboree. It’s a super fun event that the league puts together for the players and teams in the league with a ton of fun stuff like taco trucks and dunk tanks for the coaches…and who isn’t looking for a chance to dunk the coach? #yesplease.

Snapshot 2 (2-27-2018 9-43 AM)

08 Mar: Piano Concert Benefiting A Local Food Bank

The end of the year is just around the corner…

…and you know what that means. The Holidays!  But it also means time is running out for people to use their FLEX savings benefits on orthodontic care. We get multiple calls every day this time of year asking us about FLEX/FSA/HSA benefits and how to use them in our office. We wanted to take just a minute and answer some of the most common questions we get when it comes to using your accounts.